Updated 11-3-2016

Welcome to Snow Angel Retrievers

This cutie is from our most recent litters,

while the next picture is from last year

(but is one of my favorite pics ever).

While the gorgeous look of the Snow Angel is important, most importantly to us

is the overall good health and lovely temperament of our offspring.

We love each and every one of our puppies. We know you will too.

Please read on for more information.


Your next furry 'family member by choice' is an important decision.

Being a veterinarian since 1983, and married to a nurse,

we bring much knowledge to our program. You will not find crates in our home, where your puppy is born and raised for 8 weeks prior to living with you!

We do not see ourselves as 'a kennel', but rather as a place where we are fortunate enough to be able to share our home with our beautiful dogs and their occasional litters. And, while we never sell our AKC registered puppies with breeding rights,

we do provide something much more important...unlimited LOVE!

And, I love making slide shows to show you just that!

Here is one of many for you:


This next Snow Angel video is worth a smile :)

It will show you how spoiled your next family member will be!

Yes, 19 day old puppies really do moan with pleasure

when being gently and slowly massaged...wouldnt you?

This just shows how very smart they are:


All of our dogs are members of our family and have been raised in our home with us, each other, children and our 4 cats. Our dogs have a strong work ethic too, as they love to come to work with us at our two veterinary clinics that we own, The Pet Pro, in Champaign Illinois and also in Mahomet Illinois. They stay behind the reception desk where our offices are located and enjoy greeting clients daily. And our clients LOVE them! Likewise, just like people, they love coming home at the end of the day :)


Frosty Day Newborn pups have the luxury of staying at home with their mother in our family room in a spacious birthing area…think of it as maternity leave. We also have our Snow Angel puppy nannies, Kelsey, Ashley and Bailey, who have become essential in assisting us with the care and socialization of our Snow Angel litters. All of our puppies are microchipped on day 2 of life, so that we can positively identify each one at all times. Our behavioral training begins on their third day of life. We feel that it is important to expose the puppies to typical household sounds, people, toys, cats and other dogs when age appropriate on a regular basis. Recent studies have shown that genetics accounts for about 35% of the canine personality, but the remaining 65% (early appropriate stimulation, training, nutrition) is what makes the overall difference. Touching and handling the puppies is necessary to establish a confident human - animal bond. When our puppies leave our home at 8 weeks of age, they are ready for the world...and of course, you! We also provide your puppy with two months of a major medical pet insurance plan in which coverage begins at 8 weeks of age. Having veterinary practices for the past 30 years, we know that pup's can sometimes get into things that they shouldn't or try to perform feats that are impossible...and end in injury . This policy is for the unexpected, just in case. Your new puppy is an important family investment. We want to help you protect your puppy, because we care. Taylor So what exactly do you call this breed? They are AKC registered as a golden retriever with a light or fair coloration. You will hear of them being described as European Creams, European Retrievers, British White Retrievers, Platinum Blondes, English Creams, English Retrievers and White Golden Retrievers. The bottom line is that they are definitely gorgeous, sweet, friendly family dogs that have the willingness to learn whatever you have the time and patience to teach them.Primo FieroThe gene pool for the English / European Cream Retriever is still somewhat narrow. We believe that breeders need to have some understanding of genetics to enhance the breed. We are excited to be able to make available to you what we hope will be a perfect addition to your family. Our dogs that we breed have had hip, elbow, eye and heart testing. We have also researched each of their lineage for longevity and histories of health issues. Only the best dogs in terms of health, personality and appearance are Snow Angel dogs! We are always willing to help guide you through behavioral issues (for example, potty training) or any questions that might come up, because we want you and your new family member to be as happy as possible. We have so enjoyed our dogs and invite you to check out our website so that you can enjoy them as well!