Our dogs are, first and foremost, members of our family.

They live in our home, as we feel all dogs should.

Having a veterinarian as their human dad definitely

gives us the ability to provide them with the best of

everything. We do not consider this to be a job,

but instead feel it is a way of life...one that is not for

everyone, but suits us well. Enjoy visiting this page and

learning about our furry family!

(Note that all pedigrees and certifications are available upon request.)




"Giddygold Golden Spirit In My Heart"

We imported Blizzard from Denmark, as an adult, with all of

his clearances in place. Bringing him into our home and breeding

program truly helped our Snow Angels to become what we always

envisioned they should be. Thanks to Jeanette Filskov for this

handsome boy with the winning smile.



"Snow Angel Jack Frost's Icicle"

Icicle seems to win over the hearts of anyone that meets him. The ultimate

gentle retriever, Icicle has the fullest mane on his chest. Our staff at our veterinary

clinics have even knick named him 'Mufasa' because of it!


Snow Bear (a.k.a. Bruce)

"Navigator Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda"

We imported Snow Bear from Raynox Retrievers in Germany in 2014.

He is most amazing! His head is big and blocky, his feet are huge and he

has a very gentle nature about him that is so appealing.

Thank goodness since he is a big guy, weighing in at 95#.

A proven stud dog abroad, we are very pleased that this boy

(who quickly learned English) has joined our family.








"Snow Angel Always A Silver Lining"

Silver is one of our very own offspring and was born in our family room.

Raising her from that moment on has been a pure pleasure.

She has a winning smile and a sweet nature about her. While her

ball is not in this photo, she is rarely seen without it in her mouth during the day.

By night, she is another one of my bed buddies. Being a snuggle bunny

comes to her naturally...no training needed for this, for sure!




"Cherry Lady Of Golden Duck"

Our Aspen was imported from Serbia as a puppy.

Not only is she incredibly intelligent and beautiful, she is such a happy

girl and a true 'people pleaser'. Her favorite thing to do is to follow me wherever I

go in the house or outdoors. She occasionally goes to work with Todd, and LOVES the

attention she gets there, but she is truly a home body...just like me.


Arctica (a.k.a. Bonnie)

"Boschendal Irish Rose"

Just as her registered name suggests, this lovely girl is from Ireland. Her breeder,

Brenda Phillips, is considered to be one of the top breeders in Ireland.

We are so honored to have Arctica as a member of our family! She is well mannered

and gentle natured. We love her smile and the fact that she just wants to be with

us, whether at home with me or at work with Todd.



"Snow Angel Danish Dazzle Delight"

Dazzle is a daughter of Blizzard and Libby Lu (Sea Pimpernel Lemon Cream).

Her mother, Libby is now enjoying her retirement.

As opposed to going to work, Dazzle would prefer to stay home and

play with her ball. She is personality plus and loves posing for the camera :)

She also has mastered 'the waggle', which is where her back end wiggles

when she wags her tail. Must be genetic, because her mama waggles too!



"Snow Angel Creamcicle"

Creamcicle is a Bianca and Blizzard daughter.

Her mother, Bianca (now retired) is a gorgeous girl we imported from

Hungary as one of our foundation dogs when we first began our program.

We are excited for a Creamcicle / Icicle combination later in 2017.

Don't let the names fool you. They are unrelated to one another, as are all

of our pairs used in our breeding program. We are

very selective regarding our pedigrees, Our preference is to have as minimal

like ancestors as possible, in the hopes of creating the healthiest

possible puppy for you!


Ice Crystall

"Snow Angel Ice Crystall"

This gorgeous, sweet natured girl is from our Blizzard / Ice Princess combination.

She is a 'show-stopper' where ever she goes and she (and we) love the

all the attention. We love her personality and appearance so much,

we kept a girl (Glamour) from the same combination one year later!



"Snow Angel Glitter Glamour Girl"

Glamour is another beautiful Snow Angel offspring to be proud of!

Not only is she a pretty girl, she is equally smart. Besides

playing outdoors in any weather, one of her favorite activity is to

get treats for her many tricks she has mastered. Her other favorite activity is

sleeping next to me in bed (in the same place every night without fail).



"Snow Angel Moonlight Glitters On Ice"

Glitter is another girl we kept from the Blizzard x Libby Lu combination. Her full

sister is Dazzle, however, Dazzle was from a litter one year earlier.

Therefore, with the same mother and father, they are full sisters.

Glitter is as happy as a dog can get and is always wagging

her tail (except when sleeping, of course). Her haircoat is very thick and very soft.

It makes petting her a bit addictive, which doesnt mind at all LOL



"Snow Angel Frostie Ice"

Our Frostie is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet in your lifetime.

She aims to please. And, loves everyone. When we put her on a sit command, her paw

automatically, but gently raises...ready to shake your hand. Her smile is A-mazing. You

can see it in her photo above. She has a gorgeous hair coat...wavy in all the right places, and

is long, soft and a lovely color. She looks so much like Blizzard, who is her daddy.




"Snow Angel Snow White"

Snow White is a sister to Frostie, so the personalities are very similar.

They have been the best of friends since the beginning of time.

We love that dogs are so bonded to family, just as people are.

You will love her soft, thick, white haircoat...we do!

Snow White, like Frostie, simply wants to please. A wagging tail...a happy smile...

There is nothing more rewarding!



'Snow Angel Sparkle In My Eye'

Miss Sparkle loves going to work with her human daddy more than any of our other four legged

furry family members. She gets oh so much attention at The Pet Pro, as she has learned that

the best location to 'work' is at the front desk. She is the best greeter around! To her, being paid

with what seems like constant petting all day long is what makes her happy.

Her gentle nature is what people love most about her. We love everything about her!




Please note that all pedigrees and health information can be seen

on K9data.com by entering our dogs name in the search bar.